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  • PCB board and glass substrate, who is more suitable for LED direct display?

    Not long ago, Konka released the world's first Micro LED watch, which attracted great attention from the industry. However, in addition to the explosion of this product, Konka also developed the P0.375 world's first Micro LED display with the smallest pitch on a glass su...
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  • How to understand the correct PCB processing flow

    At work, I make sure that the assembled PCB will not have such errors. By soldering hundreds of miniature components, the robustness of the PCB is worse than you think. If it is not handled properly, you may receive complaints from unsatisfied system installers because t...
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  • Thermal design planning in PCB design

    MID or VR devices are electronic devices. Except for useful work, most of the electrical energy consumed during work is converted into heat and emitted. The heat generated by the electronic equipment causes the internal temperature to rise rapidly. If the heat is not dis...
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  • inquiry

    To quote for your PCB or PCB assembly, we simply need the following information For PCB quotation 1. PCB Data the gerber format 274-x or 274-D with D code is best for us. If no gerber data,you can send us your CAD,Board(*.pcb), Board(*.brd),Board(*.dxf),ODB++ files(*.TGZ) or other format, Our en...
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