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Turn around PCBs

1721 2023-04-27 ECO-GO PCB Co,.Limited
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Circuit Board Electronic Board PCB Manufacturer PCB Assembly PCB Prototype Multilayer PCB Rigid PCB Flexible PCB HDI PCB PCB Design PCB Fabrication PCB Soldering Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Through-Hole Technology (THT)
Production time        
prototype:  1-2layers  4 layers 6 layers 8layers
urgent time 1-3WDs 2-3WDs 3-5WDs 3-5WDs
normal time 4-5WDs 7-8 WDs 8-10WDs 9-10WDs
   1-2layers  4 layers 6 layers 8 layers
Area≤5m2 7-8 WDs 10-12 WDs 12-15 WDs 15 WDs
Area≤20m2 10-12 WDs 12-15 WDs 16-18 WDs 16-18 WDs
Area≤100m2 15-18 WDs 18-20 WDs 25-30 WDs 25-30 WDs
Shipping your goods by UPS,DHL and Fedex etc....,the transportation time is 3-4 working days
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